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Why It Matters (Chic-Fil-A)

I watched a program this week on the 700 Club entitled Trans Scandal. "High priced hormones, puberty blockers, even surgeries doled out to clusters of children, who say they are 'transgender'", was the opening statement by Pat on the piece, Trans Scandal.

Later in the week the AFA Journal magazine showed up and while drinking my coffee, I thumbed through it. I ran across and article that piqued my interest and it was an interview with a TransSexual speaking of his own Trans Scandal. His name his Walt Hesyer and he has a website, A very intelligent, high paid executive, married with two children, had a sex change and lived as a woman for 8 years.

Why it matters that Chick-fil-a, a once superb Christian company, setting standards, that in my estimation, no other restaurant chain has been able to live up to or even set out to try, as I am frequently reminded, when visiting McDonald's or any other. There was just something that separated Chick-fil-a from all the rest. The Spirit of God, I believe rested on the place and His presence was palatable, no matter who ran each location, because of Truett Cathy, the owner.

Chick-fil-a has recently experienced back-lash from several European markets that they have tried to enter. Due to their lack of support for the LGBTQ (am I missing any letters?) community, they have been turned away, in seeming shame, for their stance and their giving to charities, such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and The Salvation Army. It was announced last week that Chick-fil-a will no longer support these two charities. No longer will they, as a company, take a stand for Christ is what this move says. They will embrace the LGBTQ community from now on, is what this decision proclaims, and you mark my words, the spirit of God will leave Chick-fil-a.

So why does it matter? Why should we care? If you are a Christian, it is going to be hard not to eat at Chick-fil-a and I'm not even encouraging that. I simply want you to see the assault on your family and mine, through the media, through the schools, through the businesses that we patron daily and weekly, through social media. The pressure that the world is putting on us as individuals, even as children.

You see, this all comes down to identity. I identified with Chick-fil-a because I identify with Christ. But these people who are boycotting and refusing to let Chick-fil-a in, are boycotting and refusing Christ. They do not identify with Christ and evidently the new CEO of Chick-fil-a does not either.

Walt Hesyer, a transgender, was trusted to the care of his grandmother, when he was a very young boy. His grandmother enjoyed the hobby of making dresses, and I'm sure, she probably lamented that she has this little grand-"son", when she had so desired, to have a beautiful little grand-"daughter", in which to lavish, with her hobby and par excellence, talent and skill, of beautiful dress making.

Walt became curious with what Grandma was always making and asked. This was the gateway, the demonic door that opened in Grandma, allowing the spirit within her to come and begin to torment Walt. Grandma began at once to make Walt a purple chiffon dress in which she joyously dressed him and as Walt said, "affirmed me". In other words, Grandma and that spirit within her, that so desired a little girl, began to play dress up with Walt. The fun, the affirmation, the exclamations of sheer delight, from his grandmother, thrilled Walt, as it would any child, to see one’s grandmother, have such fun and enjoy their presence so very much.

At age 7, the secret was out and the gateway, in an uncle, finding out that his nephew was dressing as a girl, began to molest Walt. The demonic spirit in his Uncle, thinking that it has found a place, a home if you will, for it's deranged desires and misplaced identity. Forever Walt's own identity was changed. From the time the dress was placed on Walt at age 4, the demonic spirit of gender confusion, order gender dysphoria entered into Walt.

I am so burdened and fighting getting into fear, over the children. Satan is out for the children! Homosexuality, transgender, abortion, all trying to mar and kill mankind, from childhood, from the image of God, the purpose by which they were created. How very important it is for children to understand and adults as well, the big picture of why we are here, to fellowship with God, and that He is not the cause and author of all this evil and confusion, Satan is.

We all need affirmation and if we do not get it, we will all suffer, all our lives. A lack of affirmation is simply the gateway to the enemy. I see it in families and the sins continue to perpetuate, to the next generation, unless a stand is taken. A stand in Christ, to affirm a child, no matter how old, that they are made in God's image and He wants to do a great work in them.

My family was very much into looks. I had an aunt and uncle that were very much into education and looks. My sister and brother and well as myself, struggling with who we were and why we were here, clearly remember, as if burned into our psyche, the words spoken. I remember hearing that my grandmother thought that my sister, eight years my senior, was prettier than me. I remember when my sister went to college, and upon coming home, found herself in a beehive of criticism, over the weight she had gained. I remember, even later in life, the criticism from my aunt, concerning me and my siblings, lack of education, when she herself, had only gone to business school, if my memory serves me correctly.

We all have issues. Issues of abuse, what someone said or did to us, or didn't say or do. We all can be tormented by Satan, in some area of our lives. Satan loves to tell you what you are "not", what you'll "never be". He is the father of lies and tormenting you with lies is his game.

Transgender people are struggling with some past event as I heard Walt say. Every one of the transgender's that he has spoken to, through his ministry, can go back to a time and a place, where something was said or done, the gate opened, the enemy came in and the confusion and the lies started. I'm sure it is the same with homosexuality. What a fallacy, what a lie, that you are born the wrong gender, or with the wrong sex drive; but that is what evil is and does, it destroys the very essence, of who someone was created to be.

I struggled with my identity because of family. We all will struggle with identity, trying to find out who we really are, but the reason we struggle, is because God made us in His image, to fellowship, be His friend. Satan, destroyed this for us, and now we are born in a confused, hate filled world, full of demonized individuals, that haven't overcome in Christ or found who they are in Him and have not learned how to escape the torment they are in. Born separated from God, with a gigantic, big hole in their heart, trying to be filled. Human spirits, using alcohol, drugs, sex changes, same sex relationships, fornication, you name it, trying to fill the void, meet the need, hating who they are, trying to be someone else. Escape. Trying to escape, who they think they are.

Why does it matter about Chick-fil-a? It matters, because no longer are they identifying with Christ as the Creator. No longer are they identifying with the one that can fill the gap, fill the longing, fill the need, in every LGBTQ person out there. No longer, are they taking a stand and saying through their business practices, that have made them so successful, "there is One that can change your life, if you will give Him a chance". How sad that the beacon on the hill, has been extinguished! The light that was, is now, no longer.

We all need help. We don't need the school systems telling our children it's ok to be who they think they are. Children don't know who they are and that is why I am not a big fan of youth groups. Children don't learn from other struggling children, or should I say they don't learn well and helpful overcoming truths, from other children. And now, it is a dangerous proposition to take your child to a counselor or doctor, for the gateway has been opened to embrace whatever the child believes about themselves, to the point of gender reassignment and puberty blockers, at a very early age.

If you haven't noticed, we are in a mess, .....but God. We need the baptism in the Holy Spirit like never before, to show us the way, the truth and the life. We need to spend time, fellowshipping with our Lord. We need to talk to Him about our thoughts and feelings and find out what He thinks and feels (by reading His Word). We need the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us and correct us, where we are wrong. We need to SURRENDER to Him and TRUST Him.

You may have been molested. You may have trauma from your childhood. You may have homosexual thoughts that plaque you. You may have feelings that you don't know what to do with. Take those to the Lord. Take them to Him and lay them down at the cross. Tell Him you want to be who He wants you to be. Tell Him you want to find your identity in Him and no one else. You can NEVER find your identity in another. All anyone else can do is affirm who you are or tear you down. You must find yourself in Him first, by being born-again. Trusting your life to Him.

Pray for chick-fil-a as they are bombarded with darkness. Pray for the CEO. Send him an e-mail through their website, affirming him, yet telling him where you stand. God loves the man, even if he's making wrong decisions, but those wrong decisions are already impacting lives negatively. Pray that he will be born-again, if he is not and pray for the Spirit of God to lead Him in righteousness. Pray that this demonic spirit of false identity that is spreading across our land, will be stopped in it's tracks. Pray for the children, that God will send someone in each of their life's to affirm them and assure them of their God given design, purpose, and correct gender.

This is why it matters! A whole new generation of little kids is at stake and the enemy of their souls is vehemently after them. Make your own decision about eating at chick-fil-a, but if you do eat there, PLEASE pray while you eat. Talk to God about the decisions their making as a company. Pray for the children affected by their decisions. Pray for eyes to be open and hearts to be set free. You can talk to God from your spirit, while you eat. Please pray, because it really does matter!

Pastor Leah

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