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Turning Against the Ones You Love

As the Gift of the Word of Knowledge came to me recently, concerning a situation in the family, I saw once again the work of the enemy as he, Satan, began turning the person, from the very ones that loved them the most.

I've seen it happen many times in myself and in the church!

The person gets saved, changes, doing a 180 degree turn around. I've seen people actually and literally, with no exaggeration, look different! A literal glow on their face, that is undeniable, as the Savior moves in. I've seen people delivered from all kinds of things and blessings begin to flow. But Satan is still active in this world that Adam gave him dominion over. He crouches at the very door, of every person's heart (Gen 4:7). As the door to the believer’s heart is cracked open and curious eyes peer out, I envision a gnarly, bony, withered, disgusting finger, slowly and quietly, curl around the door, preventing it from closing.

Now here's the deal, just as God Himself said to Cain in Genesis 4, (read the story yourself), "Cain, bring the right sacrifice and you will do good". God provided the sacrifice (Jesus Christ), Jehovah Nissi, but it's your responsibility to apply it! It's your responsibility to RESIST Satan, because he does indeed, crouch at your door and IF you resist him, he MUST flee (James 4:7).

He crouches at your door and when you allow that finger to take hold of your door, then he begins his dirty work. He begins to turn you from everyone who loves you and that includes the One who died for you. He begins to whisper in your ear, what people are thinking, what people are saying. He begins to tell you lies. He begins to cause you to be UNSATISFIED.

I've seen it with teens. As soon as a child hits puberty, the people they loved dearly are suddenly their enemies. And I'm not just talking about their parents, I'm talking about their neighbors perhaps, their church leaders, their grandparents, whomever they may have enjoyed in the past.

So, what's the deal? The deal is, sin is crouching at that teen’s door! If that teen has not been taught the Word of God, they will let that spirit in and it begins to transform their insides, their feelings, which then transform the outside. We live, inside out lives! The very people that love you the most and would do anything for you, are suddenly against you, but only in your own mind! (2 Cor 10:5)

Yes, I've heard the accusations; suddenly we as pastor's "don't care". We "don't understand." We are suddenly not what that person or that teen needs. Yes, a crack was opened in a heart's door and not resisted. The change in attitude is amazing! It's palatable! It's obvious and nothing that can be said, can change it. They have taken a bite from the apple! They have not resisted.

I've been there! I know! I remember! It is a battle that you cannot win on your own! Only by applying the shed blood of Jesus to your life and asking Him if what your thinking is true will you overcome that thought and Satan. 'Buy and pay for' that thought, not asking the Lord, if that is from Him, and you will see that thought begin to work against you and you will lose everything and everyone you hold dear. It may take some time, but time marches on, and it is inevitable that the Word will prove correct and division and turmoil, will ensue.

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY had an article about 10 Reasons Teens Have So Much Anxiety Today. They had some good points that I would like to tell you and expound on. First of all, "anxiety" is the word for the day. I never even heard that word or knew anyone with "anxiety," until in my 30's! I didn't grow up with people having "anxiety." Anxiety is the leading cause of visits to the therapist today!

# 1 Electronics offer an unhealthy escape

"Constant access to digital devices lets kids escape uncomfortable emotions like, boredom, loneliness, or sadness by immersing themselves in games, when they are in the car or by chatting on social media when they are sent to their rooms."

# 9 Kids aren't being given enough free time to play

"Unstructured play, teaches kids vital skills, like how to manage disagreement without an adult refereeing. And solitary play, teaches kids how to be alone with their thoughts and comfortable in their own skin.

The Bible gives us every answer for life, but we run to culture for the answers. We must keep up with the trends and do what everyone else is doing. We run to youth groups for help with our teens that suddenly aren't so loving anymore The Psychology Today list, was much more exhaustive, but I thought these two reasons for anxiety were huge!

The sin nature cries within every living spirit and soul. Your child, your teen, will feel that emptiness. Those voices of the enemy will inevitably come, and you need to teach your child, teen, how to deal with those voices, that are not happy and positive. Finding the right youth group, the right set of kids, for them to be around is not the answer! Culture & peers don't have the answers to life, quite the opposite! Read Romans 1:19-21, vs 30-31, and 2:15-16, if you think that you or your teen are exempt.

I heard someone in the government say when John Bolton's book came out against Trump, "I think everyone should pop a Zoloft and calm down." That is culture! That is what your peers will advise! Honestly, why do we as parents expect anything different from youth groups or any other outlet, we send our disturbed teens to? It's no different when we are adults. That same sin nature is with us, day in and day out and it tries to separate us from anyone who may have answers and beckons us to look to "culture" for what we know is missing. (Romans 3:10-18)

Pay attention in your own life. When thoughts against the people you love, knock at your heart’s door, ask yourself, "Is this from the Lord"? Even if someone really hurt me, do I have any right to turn against them? Did Jesus turn on me, when I rejected Him? Is He faithful to work in this situation for me?

This is such a common problem, in everyone's life, if you will simply recognize it! You CAN overcome and you can have healthy relationships with everyone around you. Don't let Satan get his grimy, finger in your life! Don't let him, turn you against the ones you love and the ones that love you! Don't let him separate you from the very ones who pour positive, good Word into your life. Don't let him separate you from the Word, and those who have it, to exchange it for culture or the latest fad.

As Sheila Walsh's psychiatrist told her, when in desperation, she checked into a hospital, "You can try for years to deny the things that are tearing at your soul, but they will not go away. They thrive in the shadowland, and if you don't deal with them, they will one day deal with you."

When the doctor asked Sheila a simple question, “Who are you"? Sheila answered with her name.

"No, I know your name'', the doctor said, "who are you"? he asked again.

"I'm the co-host of the ...."

"No, no, no. Not what you do. Who are you?"

"I actually don't know." she had to confess.

"And that is why you're here." the psychiatrist told her.

By the time she was ready to leave the hospital, her psychiatrist called out to her from his office windows, "Sheila! Who are you?" She was finally able to answer: "I'm Sheila Walsh, daughter of the King of Kings."

(Read Psalm 32)

When your alone in your own skin, like # 9, of the Psychology Today article, whether you’re a child, a teen or an adult, you need to know the love of the Savior and that He came to give you life and life more abundant, apart from culture and societal norms, John 10:10. Renew your mind, Romans 12:2. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. "THEN you will BE ABLE to test and approve, what God's will is, His good, pleasing and perfect will." In other words, do it God's way, and you will be joyful and content in your own skin and you won't be separated from the ones you love the most and that love you!

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